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Topological cavity states in two-dimensional photonic/phononic chips

Topological insulators are electronic systems with an insulating bulk and topologically protected boundary states. Conventional 2D topological insulators induce 1D edge states. Recent studies indicate that lower-dimensional topological states are also possible in electronic systems, which, however, has been confirmed only in Bismuth in experiments [1]. In this talk, I will show that lower-dimensional topological wave trapping can be achieved in photonic and acoustic systems through several different mechanisms. First, with concurrent real-space and wavevector-space topology, we show topological 0D light-trapping on a dislocation [2]. Second, with two different schemes of higher-order topological insulators, we demonstrate topological 0D corner states in photonic crystals and sonic crystals [3,4]. Finally, we show that a novel topological state, named as hierarchical topological multipole insulators, which exhibits both topological dipole and quadrupole orders in a single system, can be realized in macroscopic sonic crystals [5]. The underlying physics indicates the possibility of achieving frequency-stable topological cavity states in two-dimensional photonic/phononic chips that may enable scalable quantum photonic interface and other unprecedented functions in integrated photonics/acoustics.

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