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Unconventional quantum phase transition on the kagome lattice

Thanks to its low coordination number and planar nature, the kagome lattice has been one of the favourite systems to look for exotic phases, such as spin liquids, of spin models. In this talk, I present a recent study of a quantum dimer model on the kagome lattice as the low energy effective model of spin models with global SU(2) symmetry using Green’s function Monte Carlo method. The model yields a large dimer liquid (Z2 liquid) phase. The phase transition from the liquid phase to one of the neighbouring valence bond solid phase is continuous. Induced by condensation of non-local excitations, Ising vortices or “visons”, the transition is beyond the description of the standard Landau theory. We discuss the connection of our dimer model to the Heisenberg antiferromagnetic model on the kagome lattice.