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Coherent Control of Entanglement and Spin Alignment


Coherent Control using two (H and V) perpendicular polarizations is shown to give rise to a direct way of writing arbitrary "cluster states" of entangled atoms or atom-ion pairs.  The method relies on our proven ability to control the directionality of motion of (valence) electrons in dissociation processes, giving rise to either the "forward" |f> or "backward" |b> products.  By irradiating a one dimensional array of molecules (Na2) or molecular-ions (Ca2+) in an optical lattice with a combination of two perpendicular (H and V) polarizations and another source of light at half their frequency, one can entangle light with matter AND craft clusters of entangled states composed of arbitrary superpositions of sequences of atom (or atom-ion) pairs, such as |H>|f>|b>...+|V>|b>|f>...

We then present a similar method to create a beam of spin aligned atoms (Iodine or Na) or molecules.