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Delta-kick cooling of scale-invariant quantum gases

20 years ago, delta kick cooling (DKC) was proposed [1,2] and demonstrated [3,4,5] as a fast technique for cooling quantum gases.  Originally conceived using classical arguments, DKC uses a combination of long-time free expansion and conservative forces to reduce temperature at the expense of spatial density, and hence preserves phase-space density. Despite its now common use in ultracold atomic systems, standard DKC is suitable only to the extent that these systems obey approximately classical, non-interacting dynamics. What does DKC look like for a quantum, interacting system? In this talk, I will discuss recent work [6] that introduces an exact approach to DKC for arbitrary scale-invariant dynamics of quantum gases.  This modified DKC extends our understanding of ‘kicked cooling’ beyond the limits of free evolution and non-interacting systems.  We study the control of quantum gases in time-dependent harmonic traps that can be either repulsive (inverted) or confining.  We show that DKC assisted by a repulsive potential outperforms the conventional scheme, and that DKC combined with sudden trap-frequency jumps is a time-optimal protocol, in the limit of instantaneous kicks.

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Video Talk
Host: Aephraim Steinberg
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