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Self-protected quantum algorithms in the presence of noise

The decoherence phenomenon inevitably exists in quantum computing processes. Consequently, dynamic suppression of decoherence for instance via dynamical decoupling, quantum error correction codes (QECC) etc. is crucial in accurately executing known or to-be-developed quantum algorithms. While this dynamic zero noise strategy well fits into our expectations for the future of quantum computing,  we have launched self-protected quantum algorithms (similar quantum algorithms named differently ) for over 15 years based on the opposite living-with-noise strategy. I will review our self-protected algorithms,  and their implementations in IBMq. I will also focus on self-protected quantum simulations immune to a large class of classical noise. Accordingly, for readout we generalize the conventional quantum phase estimation to its upgraded version in the presence of classical noise.

Host: Dvira Segal
Event series  CQIQC SeminarsQO/AMO Seminars