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The 13th series of seminars organized by QRST. Talk 1: Software-driven research and Talk 2: Quantum Big Data: Where Condensed Matter meets Quantum Computing


Quantum Research Seminars Toronto consist of two 30 min talks about some Quantum Computation topic. Seminars are given by high-level quantum computing researchers with the focus on disseminating their research among other researchers from this field. We encourage to attend researchers regardless of their experience as well as graduate and undergraduate students with particular interest in this field. Basic notions on quantum computing are assumed, but no expertise in any particular subject of this field.

In this 13th series of seminars, the speakers will be Juan Miguel Arrazola (Xanadu) and Eliška Greplová(Delft University of Technology). Their talks are titled "Software-driven research" and "Quantum Big Data: Where Condensed Matter meets Quantum Computing", respectively.

We will send a Zoom link to those who register for this event 2 days, 2 hours and 10 min before the event starts.

The event recording, slides and chat history will be published in our Youtube channel and sent to the registered participants.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Talk 1:

Software-driven research

Quantum computing is undergoing a process of commercialization: efforts to advance this technology are migrating from academic labs to also include startups and large corporations. This has created research opportunities that combine fundamental science with the development of quantum software. In this talk, we will describe the software-driven research paradigm of the algorithms team at Xanadu, where new fundamental results in quantum computing emerge from the desire to build better software tools. We describe algorithms for simulating quantum optics, methods to build universal quantum circuits for quantum chemistry, and quantum algorithms for molecular geometry optimization, and explain how these results originate from efforts to develop quantum software.

About the speaker:

Juan Miguel Arrazola has a MSc in Physics from the University of Toronto and a PhD in Physics-Quantum Information from the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo. He worked as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore before joining Xanadu in 2017, where he currently leads the quantum algorithms team.

Talk 2:

Quantum Big Data: Where Condensed Matter meets Quantum Computing

Efficient verification and description of quantum devices are critical for emerging technological applications. Digital quantum computing and condensed matter physics approach these challenges from different directions, yet at the same time there is a wealth of physical models that emerge at the centre of both approaches. In this talk, I am going to offer a perspective on quantum error correction through the lens of learning algorithms for many-body systems, efficient wave-function representations and rich phase diagrams. Finally, I will discuss emerging connections between quantum computational complexity and machine learning representations of quantum states.

About the speaker:

Eliška is an assistant professor at Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. She is also a member of World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Quantum Applications. Eliška works at the boundary of quantum computing, artificial intelligence and condensed matter physics. Eliška obtained her PhD at Aarhus University in Denmark and postdoctoral fellowship at ETH Zürich in Switzerland.

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