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The 24th series of seminars organized by QRST. Talk 1:Quantum Tanner Codes and Talk 2: Analog Quantum Simulation of the Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems

Quantum Research Seminars Toronto consist of two 30 min talks about some Quantum Computation topic. Seminars are given by high-level quantum computing researchers with the focus on disseminating their research among other researchers from this field. We encourage to attend researchers regardless of their experience as well as graduate and undergraduate students with particular interest in this field. Basic notions on quantum computing are assumed, but no expertise in any particular subject of this field.

In this 24th series of seminars, the speakers will be Anthony Leverrier of INRA Paris and Ignacio Franco of University of Rochester. Their talks are titled "Quantum Tanner Codes" and "Analog Quantum Simulation of the Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems", respectively.

The event recording, slides and chat history will be published in our Youtube channel and sent to the registered participants.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Talk 1: Anthony Leverrier

Title: Quantum Tanner Codes


I will describe recent progress in the field of quantum LDPC codes and focus on a ``simple’’ construction of asymptotically good quantum LDPC codes called quantum Tanner codes. These codes come with an efficient decoder and were instrumental in resolving the NLTS conjecture. (Joint work with Gilles Zémor)

About the Speaker:

PhD in 2009 in Paris, then postdocs at ICFO (Barcelona) and ETH Zurich. Researcher at Inria Paris since 2012. I’ve initially worked on quantum key distribution with continuous variables, and have moved to the topic of quantum error correction (and especially quantum LDPC codes) since 2015.

Talk 2: Ignacio Franco

Title: Analog Quantum Simulation of the Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems


Analog quantum simulation is an emerging field where one uses controllable quantum devices to simulate physical problems inaccessible to conventional simulation. Here we introduce a general and powerful strategy for the analog quantum simulation of open quantum system, which is a key problem in physics, chemistry, and quantum information, based on semiconductor quantum dots and microelectronic circuits. We assess the utility of the simulator by numerically exact emulations that indicate that the experimental setup can faithfully mimic the intended target even in the presence of its natural inherent noise. We further provide a detailed analysis of the physical requirements on the quantum dots and the RLC circuits needed to experimentally realize this proposal that indicates that the simulator can be created with existing technology. The approach can exactly capture the effects of highly structured non-Markovian quantum environments typical of photosynthesis and chemical dynamics and it offers clear potential advantages over conventional and even quantum computation. The proposal opens up a general path for effective quantum dynamics simulations based on semiconductor quantum dots.

About the Speaker:

Ignacio Franco is an associate professor at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Rochester. Research in the Franco group focuses on theory and computation as it applies to dynamical processes occurring in molecules, nanoscale and extended systems.


Event series  CQIQC Seminars