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The inaugural John Stewart Bell Prize

for Research on Fundamental Issues in Quantum Mechanics and their Applications

To honour the contributions of the late John Bell, whose insight has changed the very way we view reality, the Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control invites you to participate in the awarding of the first biennial Bell Prize to Nicolas Gisin for his theoretical and experimental work on foundations and applications of quantum physics (notably quantum nonlocality, cryptography and teleportation).

The award will be presented by Prof. Alain Aspect of Orsay, chair of the award selection committee, and best known for his pioneering tests of Bell’s inequalities.  The public ceremony will be followed by a lecture for a general audience by Prof. Gisin, in conjunction with the Conference on Quantum Information & Quantum Control being held at the Fields Institute, Toronto.

Please join us at 10 a.m. on August 25th, in room 102 of McLennan Physical Labs (60 St. George Street, University of Toronto) to celebrate John Bell and Nicolas Gisin.  A reception will follow.