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Understanding Quantum Mechanics: a formal analysis of non-locality theorems


Per se, quantum theory entails no violation of the locality principle; conflicts between them arise if further conditions, which do not belong to the genuine set of quantum postulates, are required to hold. In this talk we explore consequences of adopting the criterion of reality (R) stated by Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen in 1935. In particular, we will analyze two possible interpretations of (R) and implications that follow if we adopt them in connection with the nonlocality theorem of Hardy: the contradiction - arising if a "wide" interpretation is adopted- does not arise in connection with a "strict" interpretation of (R). We conclude that if the strict interpretation of (R) is adopted the theorem fails in proving the inconsistency between quantum mechanics and locality. Finally, we propose an ideal experiment enabling the simultaneous assignment of the objective values of two incompatible properties of a system made up of two separated non-interacting spin particles when the strict interpretation of (R) is adopted.