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CANCELLED Manipulation of single quantum systems at cryogenic temperatures


Spectroscopy of single emitters in solid state matrices like quantum dots, color centers, organic molecules attracted significant attentions in recent years due to their potential application in quantum information processing. These systems usually do not only constitute good stationary

qubit, since they allow for electron or nuclear spin manipulations, but also allow for a coupling to a flying qubit in form of a photon. Although, some of them can be exploited at room temperature, many important properties come only to light at cryogenic conditions. In this talk I will show how to improve spectral properties of the negatively charged NV center in diamond. This is crucial for realization of large distance entanglement protocols. I will further show an optical interaction between single organic molecules and hot atomic vapor. In this experiment we utilize the advantages of both systems. At the end of the talk, I will introduce a new candidate for quantum information processing in a solid state environment: single rare-earth ions, embedded in a crystal.