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QO/AMO Seminars

The Quantum Optics and AMO (atomic, molecular, and optical) physics seminar provides an opportunity for faculty and students to learn about current research in the field, both at University of Toronto and at other universities and research institutes. It is held regularly during the academic year, Fridays at 11:00 a.m.
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July 27, 2020
The Heisenberg limit for laser coherence
July 14, 2020
Unifying theory of quantum state estimation using past and future information
April 24, 2020
Digital Contact tracing while Preserving Privacy: The Project
Nov. 8, 2019
Quantum dynamics and control of angular momenta in molecules: From ultracold chemistry to quantum many-body physics
Sept. 25, 2019
Generation of Gaussian and non-Gaussian multimode entangled states of light for applications to Quantum Information Processing
June 7, 2019
From quantum computers to new physics searches with trapped atomic ions
June 14, 2019
Light-matter interfaces for quantum information processing with photons
Sept. 3, 2019
Understanding spectroscopic probes of entangled electronic and nuclear dynamics in electronic excitation transfer
March 22, 2019
On the complexity and verification of Random Circuit Sampling
March 13, 2019
Quantum Control with Rydberg-Dressed Atoms
Feb. 22, 2019
Electro-optic Quantum Transduction on Nanophotonic Platforms
Feb. 8, 2019
New Hardness Results for the Permanent Using Linear Optics
Jan. 25, 2019
Post-selected classical query complexity
Oct. 19, 2018
Quantum Simulation via All-Optically Generated Tensor Network States
June 8, 2018
Characterising the behaviour of classical-quantum broadcast networks
May 11, 2018
Watching the Dance of Electrons in Molecules
April 20, 2018
How to simulate models from high energy physics in atomic physics experiments
April 13, 2018
Direct Characterization of Ultrafast Energy-Time Entangled Photon Pairs
April 6, 2018
Combinatorial geometries underneath the surface of Quantum Theories
Dec. 1, 2017
Two-photon interference using phase-randomized weak coherent states
Nov. 3, 2017
Hidden Coherences: Quantum and Classical
Oct. 27, 2017
Nonequilibrium dynamics of isolated many-body quantum systems
Oct. 6, 2017
Certifying high dimensional entanglement via Bell tests
Aug. 28, 2017
Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control
CQIQC-VII will be the seventh in the series of biennial conferences jointly organized by the Toronto Centre for Quantum Information & Quantum Control and the Fields Institute.
Aug. 10, 2017
The Problematization of Randomized Benchmarking
Sept. 5, 2017
Seize the Moments: Enhancing Moment Estimation for Subdiffraction Incoherent Imaging
June 28, 2017
High efficiency nanowire detectors & sub-Kelvin cryogenics
April 21, 2017
Ultracold Molecular Assembly
April 7, 2017
Quantum devices - a proper niche for plasmonics
March 17, 2017
The geometry of speed limits in quantum control
March 10, 2017
New Materials for Photonics in the Mid-Infrared: From Lasers and Detectors to Plasmonics and Metamaterials
Feb. 10, 2017
*** CANCELLED *** The geometry of speed limits in quantum control
Jan. 20, 2017
Photons & Phonons: a room-temperature diamond quantum memory
Jan. 27, 2017
Correlated Electron and Ion Dynamics in Strong Fields
Jan. 13, 2017
Energy and Entropy Transfer in Natural and Manmade Systems
Dec. 9, 2016
Quantum homomorphic encryption
Nov. 18, 2016
What is actually needed to quantum-compute with harmonic oscillators?
Nov. 25, 2016
Engineering noninteracting-boson fields: from precision measurements to large-scale entanglement
Dec. 2, 2016
Cavities, waveguides, and metasurfaces: Enhancing Atom-Photon Interactions with Photonic Crystals
Nov. 28, 2016
Learning to make intelligent decisions
Nov. 11, 2016
Robust entanglement generation between two remote superconducting qubits
Sept. 30, 2016
Collective Dynamics in NMR
Aug. 19, 2016
Full and efficient characterisation of non-Markovian quantum processes
May 27, 2016
Experimental demonstration of Gaussian protocols for one-sided device-independent quantum key distribution & Measurement-based noiseless linear amplification for quantum communication
May 17, 2016
Plasmon Bell Test
June 23, 2016
Uses of photonic crystal microcavities to enhance light-matter interactions in silicon photonic circuits
June 10, 2016
Counterfeiting quantum coins with weak measurements
April 8, 2016
Generalized Controllability of Noiseless Subspaces in Quantum Systems
March 4, 2016
Coherence in Quantum Transport
April 1, 2016
Fragility of and Robustness by Quantum Coherence in Exciton Dynamics
Jan. 25, 2016
To a loophole-free Bell test and beyond
Aug. 10, 2015
CSSQI 2015: Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information
Aug. 17, 2015
Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control
CQIQC-VI will be the sixth in the series of biennial conferences jointly organized by the Toronto Centre for Quantum Information & Quantum Control and the Fields Institute.
May 20, 2015
Surprises regarding the Superposition principle in interference experiments
April 24, 2015
A quantum advantage for inferring causal structure
Jan. 30, 2015
Decoherence immunity using Majorana fermions: state of play and possible challenges
Dec. 2, 2014
Compressive Quantum Sensing
Nov. 27, 2014
Spin qubits in diamond nanocavities: Towards spin-photon interfaces
Aug. 7, 2014
Topological Quantum Computation with Trapped Ions
Sept. 19, 2014
Progress toward a spin squeezed optical atomic clock beyond the standard quantum limit
Aug. 11, 2014
Designs for integrated quantum information devices and systems
July 11, 2014
​My Quantum Optics Show and Tell: Topology, complexity and biology
June 16, 2014
Quantum non-Gaussian and Gaussian States at Multiple Side-band Frequencies
May 23, 2014
Cavity QED with superconducting qubits – a multi-pole approach
April 14, 2014
Very attractive slow photons
March 28, 2014
BosonSampling with Controllable Distinguishability of Photons
March 7, 2014
Distributing entanglement via separable states
Feb. 10, 2014
Ultrafast X-ray science at ALLS
Jan. 27, 2014
Building Exotic Quantum Systems with Atoms and Photons in Low Dimensions
Feb. 24, 2014
Coherence in Oxygenic Photosynthesis
Nov. 22, 2013
Cavity quantum electrodynamics with semiconductor quantum dots
Nov. 4, 2013
Quantum information with ultracold Rydberg atoms and molecules
Oct. 4, 2013
A gigantic, 10,000-mode, continuous-variable cluster state
June 10, 2013
CANCELLED Manipulation of single quantum systems at cryogenic temperatures
May 27, 2013
Experimental Blind Quantum Computing
June 21, 2013
100 years of quantum jump theory: Is there anything new to say for a 2-level atom?
April 26, 2013
Linear optics quantum circuits
Sept. 7, 2012
The entanglement spectrum in many-body ultracold bosonic gases
June 29, 2012
Classical and Quantum State Reconstruction
Aug. 10, 2012
Demonstration of Adaptive Quantum Estimation with Photons
Aug. 8, 2012
Atomic Quantum Metrology
June 4, 2012
Weak measurements and quasi-realities: explaining the paradoxical statistics of quantum systems
May 4, 2012
Optimizing quantum transport
Feb. 10, 2012
Creating, manipulating and detecting entangled spin pairs in optical superlattices
Aug. 26, 2011
Multipartite indistinguishability
May 13, 2011
Coherent nonlinear spectroscopy with noisy broadband laser pulses
June 3, 2011
Quantum frequency combs : generation and use
Dec. 10, 2010
Robust benchmarking of quantum processes via randomization
Dec. 17, 2010
Towards efficient photon-photon gates
Oct. 22, 2010
Compressed Tomography of Quantum Dynamical Systems
Oct. 18, 2010
Single-photon detector, source, and metrology efforts at NIST
Sept. 24, 2010
Extreme Spin Squeezing in Cold Trapped Atomic Ensembles
Sept. 27, 2010
Direct Measurement of the Wavefunction
May 26, 2010
Semiconductor Quantum Photonics
Sept. 17, 2010
Discrete- and continuous-time quantum walks with single photons
Sept. 20, 2010
Spectral Properties of Downconverted Photons
April 21, 2010
Lecture 1: A purely dipolar quantum gas
April 23, 2010
Lecture 2: Strongly interacting Rydberg atoms
April 26, 2010
Lecture 3: Ultracold Rydberg chemistry and how to excite Rydberg atoms in a microscopic glass box.
March 15, 2010
Where is the Quantum Particle between two Measurements?
Feb. 23, 2010
Quantum metrology with cold atoms: quantum non-demolition measurements, spin squeezing, and non-linear metrology
Dec. 11, 2009
Entangled Photon Polarimetry
Nov. 23, 2009
Nonlinear Optics in Rubidium-Filled Hollow-Core Photonic Band-Gap Fibers
Nov. 9, 2009
*CANCELED*Traversal time for tunneling
Oct. 17, 2008
Looking back on the laser of Schawlow and Townes, and looking forwards to the generation of gravitational radiation.
Aug. 18, 2008
Adaptive Measurements In Quantum Metrology And State Discrimination
Sept. 11, 2008
Towards a universal light storage machine
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