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Photons & Phonons: a room-temperature diamond quantum memory


Fisher A quantum memory is an essential building block for many emerging photonic quantum technologies. Implementations of memories have come from many different avenues, with much promise, but often face two difficulties. First, memories often place strict conditions on stored photon wavepackets, limiting storage bandwidths to GHz or lower.  Second, to mitigate noise, memories typically require laser-cooled or cryogenic substrates.

Bulk crystal diamond offers a robust platform for photon storage via an off-resonant Raman interaction: photons with THz-bandwidths can be stored at room temperature.  I will present results demonstrating the storage and retrieval of photonic qubits from the diamond quantum memory, including the storage of one photon from a polarization-entangled pair.  The diamond memory has additional characteristics such as frequency and bandwidth conversion of photons upon retrieval, and mediating photon-photon interference.

The diamond processing platform is proving to be an increasingly valuable tool for high-bandwidth quantum information applications.