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Towards the atom-photon interface in Quantum information: An ultrabright entangled photon source


Non-classical light sources are important technologies for quantum information because light is robust to decoherence from the environment. The flip side to this advantage, however, is the difficulty in controlling the quantum state of light. The atom-photon interface serves as a promising solution for making photons "talk to each other". In this talk, I will discuss some ideas in designing and implementing a suitable light source for light-matter interfaces and report progress made on a recent research trip to ICFO in Barcelona where we built an ultrabright, narrowband (~85000 pairs/mW) entangled photon source suitable for exciting atomic (Rb) transitions.

Ultimately this system will allow us to use atoms to mediate interactions between photons and provide the means to implement quantum light state storage, controlled quantum gates, quantum non-demolition measurements etc.

This project is in collaboration with Morgan Mitchell's group in ICFO-Institut de Ciències Fotòniques, Spain, and supported by the CIPI TEN programme and OCE.