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Light-matter interfaces for quantum information processing with photons


Considering quantum physics in information processing unlocks many advantages in secure communication, metrology, and computing. Demonstrating this ‘quantum advantage’ is now being considered in several physical systems. Photonic implementations are particularly attractive as are naturally suitable for communication and establishing quantum networks.

In this talk, I will discuss applications of light-matter interfaces in linear and nonlinear quantum optics with applications in development of quantum networks and photonic quantum information processing. Specifically, I will also briefly discuss a new approach to store photons in cold atomic ensembles. I will talk about non-destructive detection of photonic qubits using light-matter interaction in rare-earth ion doped crystals and its application in establishing quantum networks. Then, I will discuss contribution of Rydberg atoms in quantum information processing and how Rydberg states of excitons in some semiconductors could be used for quantum optics experiments.