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Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Single Quantum Dots


Single atoms coupled to single radiation field modes of a cavity represent the elemental structures in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (CQED). Landmark experiments on atoms in cavities have revealed fundamental aspects of coherence in quantum systems and made CQED a central paradigm for the study of open quantum systems. The lack of suitable artificial atoms and cavity technology hindered for a long time the implementation of CQED in solid state. However, constant progresses in crystal growth and nanofabrication have been changing the scenario significantly. In this talk I will show that semiconductor systems can access CQED effects, offering an unprecedented level of control and engineering of light-matter coherent interaction. I will focus on three aspects:

(i) The effective atomic behavior of electrons spatially confined in InAs/GaAs semiconductor self assembled quantum dots (QDs).

(ii) The spatial positioning (Fig 1) and spectral tuning between single QDs and photonic crystals microcavity (PCM) modes.

(iii) The demonstration of a deterministic coupling between single QDs and single PCM modes [1]. I will illustrate the quantum nature of the reached strong-coupling regime [2] and how the fine structure of the QD is revealed in this regime [3].

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