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Dark Monopoles and Strings as Decaying Dark Matter

In this talk we will present a decaying dark matter scenario where the dark matter "particles" are monopoles from a hidden sector. Although they are stable for topological reasons, the monopoles can have finite (but very long) lifetimes if they form hybrid objects such as two monopoles tied by a string or monopole-string necklaces. These objects are not completely hidden due to a small kinetic mixing of the hidden sector U(1) with the photon field, and can therefore decay into SM particles via a dark mediator. We will see that the mass scale required for a natural abundance of monopoles to be appropriate for DM can also be of interest for anomalies such as those observed by PAMELA and Fermi. At the same time, this will allows us to constrain the "hidden photon" mass and the mixing parameter between the two sectors. The result is a set of parameters which can have interesting phenomenological implications in terms of astrophysical signals and the dynamics of the hidden sector.