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Domain walls and deconfinement: a semiclassical picture of discrete anomaly inflow

The recently discovered ’t Hooft anomalies involving 0-form and 1-form symmetries place severe constraints on the phase structure of many gauge theories. Whenever domain walls occur, these anomalies predict interesting phenomena on their worldvolume, notably the deconfinement of quarks in theories that confine in the bulk. This is a general phenomenon, but to elucidate it microscopically, we consider a set up where confinement can be understood analytically. We study the physics of quark deconfinement on domain k-walls in four-dimensional supersymmetric SU(N) Yang-Mills theory. We confirm and extend, to all N and k, the validity of the semiclassical picture of deconfinement given earlier, providing a microscopic explanation of mixed 0-form/1-form anomaly inflow.