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Pre-ADS superpotential from multi-monopoles

I begin with a reminder of the nonperturbative physics of SU(N) SUSY QCD with F<N flavors. The 4D Affleck-Dine-Seiberg (ADS) superpotential can be obtained explicitly from instanton calculations for F=N-1 and deduced from symmetries and relevant limits in other cases. In this talk, I will consider the pre-ADS superpotential in the circle-compactified theory for a general number of flavors and will show that it arises from the interplay of single monopole and multi-monopole contributions. Multi-monopole contributions to the pre-ADS superpotential can be obtained both on symmetry grounds and by considering the path integral calculation of two point chiral correlation functions for fermions. In the large radius limit, the pre-ADS superpotential reduces to the ADS superpotential. Thus multi-monopoles provide a unified explanation of the origins of ADS superpotential in theories with arbitrary number of flavors.