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QFT from CFT

I will describe a new numerical approach for calculating dynamical quantities in QFT in the non-perturbative regime. In this approach any QFT (including a gauge theory) can be formulated as a relevant perturbation of a UV CFT.

The states of the CFT are used as a basis to describe the resulting RG-flow.  Holography motivates a certain truncation of the CFT basis which allows for numerical calculation of the eigenstates of the QFT Hamiltonian.  I will provide numerical evidence in certain 2D and 3D theories that this truncation provides for an effective approximation for evaluating non-perturbative quantities (like the Zamolodchikov c-function along an RG-flow).    Implementing the method in the context of light-cone quantization has various advantages including greatly simplifying flows and allowing one to evaluate observables in infinite volume.  Light-cone quantization has its own subtleties associated with phase transitions. However, for certain SUSY examples, those subtleties can be avoided.