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NSERC (USRA) Summer Student Research Job Opportunities


Summer 2019

 All positions have been filled now

**Click on the Supervisor's name for job description and contact information**

No. Supervisor Research Student/s 
Robin Marjoribanks    
Ultrafast Laser Surgery Anna Hwang (Chair's scholar)
Robin Marjoribanks

Extreme Optics: Ultra-Intense Laser-Matter Interaction Physics

Dusan Slepcev
Robin Marjoribanks
Novel Materials-Processing by Ultrafast Laser
Debra Wunch
Measuring and Quantifying Toronto's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Cameron MacDonald

Kaley Walker
Atmospheric Remote Sensing and Spectroscopy
Jack Farrell
6 Joseph Thywissen
Ultracold Atoms
Hanzhen Lin; Daniel Venn

Amar Vutha Precision Atomic Tools for Fundamental Physics
Mohit Verma

8 Al-Amin Dhirani Nanoengineering exotic quantum phenomena
9 Barth Netterfield Construction and integration of balloon-borne telescopes

Undegraduate Student Research Positions
Fardin Syed; Daniel Levy (Chair's scholar); Kaitlyn Liang
 11 Diana Valencia

Composition of mini-Neptunes and Super-Earths

 12 Virginijus Barzda Study of Cancer Metastasis with Nonlinear Optical Microscopy Fayez Habach

 13 Ue-Li Pen

Algonquin Pulsar VLBI Scnintillometry

Qing Hao Xu
 14 Paul Kushner High latitude atmospheric and sea ice data analyses  Aleksandra Elias Cheregue
 15 Paul Kushner The atmospheric response to sea ice loss in simple models Michael Morris
 16 Paul Kushner Seasonal forecasting of the North Atlantic Oscillation in observations and models   
 17 Christopher Lee Finding craters on the surface of planets using Deep Learning James Hogan 
 18 Kimberly Strong
Using Physics to Measure Atmospheric Composition

 19 Dwayne Miller
Research on Optical Fibre

 20 Dwayne Miller Faraday Cup Project  
 21 Dwayne Miller Control Software Project   
 22 Nicolas Grisouard Can an Oceanic Front go with a Bang?  
 23 Nicolas Grisouard Can Focused Wave Beams Spawn Internal Solitons? Yi Yang Tian
 24 Young-June Kim
Superconductivity and magnetism in quantum materials

Ezekiel Horsley (Chair's scholar)

 25 Aephraim Steinberg
U. of T. Laser Cooling and Quantum Optics Group Chris Hudson
 26 Sid Goyal
Ryan Ripsman