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If you are interested in applying Physics to studies of Earth and Planets, consider taking some of the following courses as part of your program requirements:

  • Courses specialized in geophysics: JPE395H1 "Physics of the Earth", JPE493H1 "Seismology", PHY495H1: “Research Geophysics”.
  • Courses providing practical skills: PHY405H1 "Electronics Lab", PHY407H1 "Computational Physics", and PHY408H1 "Time Series Analysis".
  • Courses on fluids and properties of nonlinear systems: PHY454H1 "Continuum Mechanics", PHY460H1 "Nonlinear Physics".
  • Independent study and research courses: PHY371H1, PHY471H1, PHY478H1, etc.
  • There are also applicable courses offered by the Earth Sciences Department.