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Modern Optics, Quantum Information, and Quantum Computing

If you are interested in modern optics, the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, and their application to quantum information and computing, consider taking some of the following courses as part of your program:

  • Courses specializing in quantum physics and its applications: PHY358H1 "Atoms, Molecules and Solids", PHY456H1 "Quantum Mechanics II", PHY487H1 "Condensed Matter Physics", PHY491H1 "Current Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics".
  • Courses providing practical skills: PHY405H1 "Electronics Lab", PHY407H1 "Computational Physics", PHY408H1 "Time Series Analysis" and PHY426 "Advanced Practical Physics I".
  • Courses in optics: PHY385H1 "Introductory Optics", PHY485H1 "Advanced Classical Optics"
  • Independent study and research courses: PHY371H1, PHY471H1, PHY478H1, etc.