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Particle Physics

If you are interested in theoretical or experimental particle physics, consider taking some of the following courses as part of your program requirements:

  • Courses specialized in subatomic physics and particle physics: PHY357H1 "Nuclear and Particle Physics" and PHY489H1 "Introduction to High-Energy Physics". [Note that PHY357 is not a prerequisite for PHY489.]
  • Courses in general relativity: PHY483H1 “Relativity I” and PHY484H1 “Relativity II”.
  • Courses in electrodynamics: PHY450H1 "Relativistic Electrodynamics".
  • Courses providing practical skills: PHY405H1 "Electronics Lab", PHY407H1 "Computational Physics".
  • Independent study and research courses: PHY371H1, PHY471H1, PHY478H1, etc.