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Physics Technical Services

Physics Technical Services Central Office

For all technical Services


Office: MP 070 (Basement, north wing) • Tel: 8-0626

The central office provides general support to the Department’s learning activities and research projects. This includes assistance and advice about budget estimation, scheduling, purchasing and other management-related activities. The office provides similar management services to all PTS groups, and will usually be involved in all medium and large projects done by any of the PTS groups. The PTS manager can also provide advice and design support in most aspects of PTS activities and can provide assistance in locating and obtaining materials or instruments that you require. The PTS manager will also assist with expediting the repair of instruments that must be sent out.

Precision Fabrication Services

Main Shop/Student Shop Contact: Paul Woitalla, email:

Office: MP 067E (Basement, north wing) • Tel: 8-3533

The main task of the Mechanical Workshop is to fabricate, modify, and repair experimental apparatus. A wide variety of equipment is available for this purpose, and the staff is experienced in meeting the often exotic demands of physics researchers. The staff is comprised of Paul Woitalla (Supervisor), Masahiro (Mark) Aoshima and Rolyn Benedicto. If you have work for the shop, or need advice of a mechanical nature, please contact Paul. There is also a mechanical workshop for students connected to the main shop.

The Department maintains a machine shop specifically for use by students. It is equipped with a band saw, drill presses, lathes and milling machines. Machinists from the main shop will help students deal with the mechanical problems that arise in the course of their research, and assist students who choose to use the student shop to manufacture and modify equipment for themselves. The Student Workshop Supervisor, Rolyn Benedicto, can help students with their projects. Before using the shop, students must take a course, and demonstrate that they can work safely. The course is offered in the spring, to accommodate summer students, and in the fall. It may also be provided at other times, with sufficient demand. To take the course, or to use the shop, please contact Rolyn at or 416-978-3533. Safety rules must be followed at all times or shop privileges will be withdrawn.

Electronics Support Services

Contact: Robert Morley or Shuqing Li

Office: MP 072 (Basement, north wing) • Tel: 8-2969

Electronics is a rapidly changing field that has become an essential element in most experimental work. The PERC staff (Shuqing Li and Robert Morley) make every effort to provide state-of-the-art solutions to the problems that are brought to them. Their expertise covers a broad range of technologies including digital, analogue, and interface circuitry. They will also make every effort to repair commercial instruments where support from the original manufacturer is not available. PERC maintains the Departmental site license for Labview, and can provide assistance with Labview applications. To access PERC services or to get further information, please contact Robert Morley or Shuqing Li.

Graphics Support Services


Office: MP 070 (Basement, north wing) • Tel: 8-0626

Raul Cunha provides scientific visualization services to the Department. This includes the use of

CorelDraw and other computer-aided tools to produce presentation quality slides, posters, etc. Raul can also help in the development of graphical content for web pages. The facility has a variety of hardcopy devices, including large format colour poster printers, a high quality colour inkjet printer, and a high resolution tabloid size laser printer. Raul has a digital camera which he uses for basic photographic services; the camera is also available for loan. More advanced still or portrait photography services are available from the Earth Sciences Photographer and can be arranged by Raul. For assistance in any of these areas, please call Raul Cunha