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Facts and Figures

The University of Toronto has a long tradition in graduate research in physics. Since 1900 a total of 1,190 Ph.D. degrees have been awarded in Physics. Our graduates have come from all parts of Canada and the rest of the world. They have had a major influence in the world of physics and science as a whole.

About the University of Toronto

  • University of Toronto was founded in 1827 and it is Canada’s largest University with over 80,000 students (20% graduate students).
  • UofT is consistently regarded as Canada’s top research university – 22nd in Natural Sciences according to Times Higher Education – 23rd internationally according to Shanghai Jiao Tong rankings

About the Department of Physics

  • Physics faculty at UofT are highly distinguished: Among currently active faculty members are
    • 14 Fellows of American Physical Society, 8 Fellows of Royal Society of Canada, 7 Canada Research Chairs
    • 9 Fellows or Scholars of CIFAR, 7 Sloan Fellowships, 4 RSC Rutherford Medalists, 3 CAP Herzberg Medalists, and 5 CAP Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • Our current graduate enrollment (2019/2020) totals 193 students in programmes leading to the M.Sc. and Ph.D.
  • Typically about 20%-25% of our graduate students are women. For more information about women in physics research at U of T, see Women in Physics.
  • Typically about 20% of our graduate students are international students.
  • 70% of MSc students continue to Ph. D. program at UofT
  • Median time to Ph. D. is 5.5 years (after BSc)
  • 85% of students who begin a Ph. D. finish it.
  • For more information about some of our distinguished alumni, see Nobel Prize Winners and the History of the Department of Physics.
  • For the list of our recent graduates and their Ph. D. thesis title, see List of recent Ph. D.'s awarded.
Kristof Bognar keeps an eye on the suntracker

2019: 24 PhDs. 2019 PhD graduate students

2018: 16 PhDs. 2018 PhD graduate students

2017: 21 PhDs. 2017 PhD graduate students

2016: 19 PhDs. 2016 PhD graduate students

2015: 27 PhDs. 2015 PhD graduate students

2014: 24 PhDs.

Admissions Statistics

  • Typical number of applications each year: 250-350
  • Typical size of the incoming class (M. Sc. and Direct-Entry Ph. D.): 40-50
  • Note that the composition of domestic vs international students each year varies significantly.

Building on the strong tradition of the last 100 years, the Department of Physics at U of T is continuing with great energy. Many new young, world-class physicists are being hired in tenure-track positions and setting up exciting research programmes. It is a great time to come to Toronto to do your graduate studies in Physics. For more information about life as a graduate student, see the Graduate Student Handbook.

We welcome the following new students who have decided to join us for graduate studies in September 2020. This new group of students continues the tradition of selecting the best applicants from all parts of the world.

First Name Last Name University Province/Country
Davit Aslanyan Yerevan State University Republic of Armenia
Khodr Badih Imperial College United Kingdom
Brendan Barry University of Massachusetts Amherst USA
Apurba Biswas University of Southampton United Kingdom
Anjishnu Bose Indian Institute of Science India
Daniela Breitman McGill University Quebec
Olivier Cardinal University Montreal Quebec
Juan Felipe Castaneda University of Toronto Ontario
Camilo Castellanos Sanchez Harvard University USA
Jiefu Cen Simon Fraser University British Columbia
Felix Desrochers Polytechnique Montréal Quebec
Christian Drago University of Waterloo Ontario
Ephraim Dublin University of Guelph Ontario
Aleksandra Elias Chereque University of Toronto Ontario
Victoria Flood University of Guelph Ontario
Baizhi Gao Southeast University China
Matthew Gerry University of Toronto Ontario
Sobhan Ghanbari Sharif University of Technology Iran
Andrew Hardy University of Toronto Ontario
Genesis Hearne University of Oregon USA
Christopher Heath University of Windsor Ontario
Alvin Heng Nanyang Technological University Republic of Singapore
Ezekiel Horsley University of Waterloo Ontario
Chris Hudson Queen's University Ontario
Joseph Hung University of Toronto Ontario
Muhammad Osama Ishtiak American University of Beirut USA
Jiayang Jiang University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA
Ariel Kelman University of Toronto Ontario
Alexandre Khoury McGill University Quebec
Maria Lozano University of Toronto Ontario
Matthew Man University of Waterloo Ontario
Erin McGee University of Guelph Ontario
Fatemeh Moradikalarde Sharif University of Technology Iran
Michael Morris University of Toronto Ontario
Yevgen Moskalenko V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Ukraine
Harshil Neeraj Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur India
Vida-Michelle Nixon University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA
Mohammadreza Noormandipour Cambridge/Shahid Behesthi Iran
Ali Emre Ozer Imperial College United Kingdom
Emaad Muhammad Paracha University of Toronto Ontario
Lucas Perna McGill University Quebec
Sebastien Roy-Garand St. Mary's University USA
Brandon Oscar Shew University of Toronto Ontario
Serene Shum University of Toronto Ontario
Sophia Simon Free University of Berlin Germany
Sean Snider Western University Ontario
Robin Theriault McGill University Quebec
Takahiro Tow University of Toronto Ontario
Kevin Gin Sing Xie University of Waterloo Ontario
Gang Yang Southern University of Science and Technology China
Xiaohan Zhou Nanjing University China
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