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Amar Vutha among U of T's 33 new or renewed Canada Research Chairs

The program supports exceptional work across a wide variety of fields. At U of T, that includes everything from marine epidemiology and precision medicine to research into sustainable bioproducts.

Amar Vutha received a renewed Canada Research Chair in Precision Atomic and Molecular Physics.

With the renewal, Vutha's work goes on. He says, "someone needs to find lab-based evidence for that weird dark stuff that astronomers claim is all over the universe; and we still don't know why everything is made of matter rather than anti-matter. My students and I want to build more precise measuring tools -- atomic clocks and molecular gyroscopes -- to check if physics works".

When asked what this renewed research chair means to him he said "it implies a reassertion of faith in my group's research program. So I am grateful to the university and the Canadian physics community for continuing to support precision measurements as a way to discover fundamental physics."


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