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Graduate Student Ilan Tzitrin's Figure Selected for Kaleidoscope

The Physical Review has selected a figure from Ilan's Tzitrin's paper to be part of their Kaleidoscope.
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Ilan is a student of Professor Hoi-Kwong Lo and his paper is titled: Local equivalence of complete bipartite and repeater graph states. Phys. Rev. A: 98, 032305 (2018).

In the figure selected you see a quantum state with many particles of light (photons, represented by dots) entangled with each other (represented by lines). Entanglement - what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance" - means a measurement on one particle can reflect immediately in another. While photons can travel very far, they can't survive global journeys in optical fibres. But if you use a device called a quantum repeater based on the quantum state in the figure, you can allow quantum communication over much larger distance.

This figure will be displayed for a month on the Physical Review website (and then archived) here: