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Killam Research Fellowship Awarded to Prof. Yong-Baek Kim

Prof. Yong-Baek Kim of the Department of Physics has been awarded a Killam Research Fellowship from the Canada Council of the Arts.
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Presented each year to Canadian scholars pursuing groundbreaking research in the humanities, social, natural and health sciences, and engineering, Killam Research Fellowships are among the most coveted awards in Canadian higher education.

The two-year Killam Fellowship will provide teaching and administration release so that Prof. Kim can focus on research into quantum materials; specifically a new phase of matter physicists have proposed called quantum spin liquids.  Spin liquids support new particles called spinons, which could be harnessed to create a stable platform for quantum computing. Spin liquids have so far eluded scientists in the real world, but Prof. Kim aims to develop a theoretical model that can help design a tool to detect this new phase of matter in candidate materials.

For more information on Prof. Kim and the Killam Fellowship. please see the:

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