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Professor Paramekanti and collaborators discover new octupolar magnets

Magnetic solids derive their properties from the magnetic dipole moment of the electrons in the crystal. However, when many electrons interact, they can lead to new types of ordering arising from higher-rank multipole moments.
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Recent work by Professor Paramekanti, together with experimental collaborators at McMaster University, at Oakridge National Lab, and in Europe, has led to the remarkable discovery of such a higher rank magnetic order called octupolar order in a broad class of magnetic insulators, with a detailed theoretical understanding of this phase of matter, and making predictions for future experiments. Such octupolar states may form the basis for new types of memories and information storage.

Please see below for links to the full PDFs:

(1) D. D. Maharaj, et a l, Physical Review Letters 124, 087206 (2020)

(2) A. Paramekanti, et al , Physical Review B 101, 054439 (2020)