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Project directed by Professor Kenneth Burch to receive CREATE funding.

Hundreds of U of T students and postdoctoral fellows will benefit from $6.6 million in funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council’s CREATE program, which trains the next generation of researchers to tackle Canada’s most pressing scientific challenges.
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The CREATE (Collaborative Research and Training Experience) program aims to improve the mentoring and training environment by improving communication, collaboration and professional skills, as well as providing experience relevant to both academic and non-academic research environments.

Four successful projects will receive $1.65 million each over six years. Together, the projects will offer the equivalent of 398 student-years of training (some students will train for more than one year, so the actual number of students will be smaller).

“Taming the Lost Heat: Training and Research in Thermoelectrics,” directed by Professor Kenneth Burch of the Department of Physics, is inspired by the challenge that half of all energy is lost as heat. Key tools in improving on this ratio are thermoelectrics materials, in which a temperature differential generates a voltage (or vice-versa).

The project will create a consortium of engineers, physicists and chemists to train students in making, modeling and measuring thermoelectric devices.

Achieving gains in energy efficiency would provide advantages to Canadian industry and help address global climate change.

Author: Jenny Hall

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