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User accounts and Email

Using Password Managers
Password managers maintain sanity and security by managing large amounts of access credentials for users.
User Account Info and Configuration
This document provides important info for new or inexperienced users with accounts on the central departmental server.
Copy your physics emails to an external mail account
This document explains how to backup the emails from your physics account to another one outside the department. This needs to be done when your email account is scheduled for cancellation.
Making Spam Whitelists and Blacklists
A document describing how to write simple procmail rules that will allow you to either avoid the spam filter for email with certain characteristics (whitelist) or automatically discard email with other characteristics (blacklist). The most common tasks are acceptance and rejection of email with specific sender addresses.
Subscribing to Email Folders
Most graphical email clients do not show folders to the user unless they have been subscribed to. This document shows how to subscribe to folders in Thunderbird.
Local Spam Filter Setup
Notes on activating and configuring the local spam filter system.
Anti-Spam Architecture
An overview of the Physics anti-spam architecture.
Spam: Why Is it Coming from Me?
Many people receive spam messages purporting to come from themselves or other persons they know. How does this happen?
Changing Your Physics (Helios) Server Password
A brief explanation of how to change your password on the Physics server supporting email and remote logins.
Phish Samples
Information regarding threats to your computing system and ways to protect yourself.
How To Detect Phishing Messages
Phishing messages are generally recognizable by a tiny bit of sleuthing. We explain how to do it.
Physics Wemail Folder Subscription Deactivation