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User Account Info and Configuration

This document provides important info for new or inexperienced users with accounts on the central departmental server.

Server Remote Session Access

Telnet-style remote sessions on the server are supported via programs that support the SSH protocol.

Linux and MacOS Users

Modern unix-like systems will supply the command-line programs ssh, scp and sftp via the OpenSSH or the original commercial vendor, SSH Communications Security.

Windows Users
If you work on a windows machine we suggest you use Putty and WinSCP (both freeware) to connect to the server user nodes. Another option is to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux: Windows Subsystem for Linux Documentation


Email Settings

The following settings are necessary for the 2 official email servers:

Physics Users
Email address
User name username
IMAP server Port: 993
Authenticated SMTP server Port: 587
Atmospheric Physics Users
Email address
Username username
IMAP server Port: 993
Authenticated SMTP server Port: 587

Note on Authenticated SMTP Server

Some email clients (eg. Thunderbird) provide a text box into which you enter a port associated with the address. Others (eg. Evolution), require you to append the port number to the address, separated by a colon (eg.

Email Clients Set up

Thunderbird Thunderbird Apple Mail Apple Mail MS Outlook MS Outlook

Web Mail

The physics web mail server is located at:

"Server" drop down options

  • users with accounts ending in select "Maildir IMAP Server".
  • users with accounts ending in select "Atmospheric Group Mail".
  • do not select "Old IMAP Server" unless you were advised by PCS do do so.

For users with accounts ending in there is an online application to reset your password and set up your vacation message. See below.

Vacation Message setup

For accounts ending in and
You can set up and reset your away message by visiting the site.

For more options about how to set up your vacations, please visit: Vacation Message Setup

Password reset

If you know your password you can reset your password by visiting the site.

If you don't remember your password please contact PCS at and one of our members will instruct you to call us and reset the password over the phone.

Web Site

In your user space on apollo you have a folder named "web-docs". This is your web space.
Whatever you put in this folder will be served as static content on the web as:

Linux/Unix/MacOS client access:
ssh to your account and add files to the "web-docs" folder.

Windows client access:
use winscp to upload the files or putty to add/change files in your "web-docs" folder.