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BiophysTO Lunchtime Talks



What is BiophysTO?

BiophysTO is an attempt to bring together the Toronto Biophysics community and promote scientific interactions and potential collaborations among scientists, across departments and campuses, with the focus on the quantitative characterization of biological molecules, processes, and systems.The talks are meant to attract a wide audience of students and PIs with diverse backgrounds and will feature local as well as national and international speakers.

The talks will be held twice a month on Thursdays between 12 – 1 pm in either the McLennan Physical Laboratories room 606 (at the St. George campus) or in  the Davis Building room 3129 (at UTM). They will be streamed online between the two campuses through a video conferencing setup.  All are welcome.

Who's Organizing These Events?

If you have suggestions for speakers or would like to get more involved, please contact one of the members of our organizing committee:

Walid Houry (Biochemistry)

Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez (IBBME)

Anton Zilman (Physics/IBBME)

Sid Goyal (Physics/IBBME)

Andrea Guljas (Biochemistry)

Wilson Zhi (Biochemistry)

Who's Paying for This?

This series has been made possible through the generous financial support of the following Departments:

UTM: Chemical and Physical Sciences/ VP Research/ Vice-Dean Graduate
UofT St. George: Chemistry/ Biochemistry/Physics/IBBME/Medical Biophysics

Who's Involved in BiophysTO?

Alan Davidson, Alan Moses, Andrew Woolley, Anton Zilman, Avi Chakrabartty, Charlie Deber, Chris McCulloch, Christopher M. Yip, Claudiu Gradinaru, Craig Simmons, Dave McMillen, David Williams, Emil Pai, Gerold Schmitt-Ulms, Gil Privé, Hue Sun Chan, James Rini,John Glover, Jonathan Rocheleau, Joshua Milstein, Julie Forman-Kay, Lewis Kay, Mitsu Ikura, Oliver Ernst, Paul Fraser, Régis Pomès, Reinhart Reithmeier, Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez, Rongmin Zhao, Scott Prosser, Sergio Grinstein, Sidhartha Goyal, Simon Sharpe, Tigran Chalikian, Trevor Moraes, Virgis Barzda, Walid A. Houry, Warren Chan, Will Ryu, William Trimble

Upcoming Events BiophysTO Lunchtime Talks

No events for now.
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