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For Visiting Speakers

If you are an invited speaker in our Seminar series, please consult this page for important details.

We provide an LCD projector and a blackboard for your presentation.

Please be sure to include a solid introduction at the beginning of your talk. Your audience will consist primarily of local graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members working on particle theory and string theory. Our research ranges from particle phenomenology to formal quantum field theory to gravitational string theory. Depending on your chosen topic, a few local high-energy experimentalists, theoretical astrophysicists, condensed matter theorists, or mathematicians may also attend, as well as out-of-towners from nearby universities and institutes.

Our senior administrative staff person Ms. Helen Iyer will handle your hotel reservation; please contact them directly about arrangements via iyer(at) or (416) 978-7135. If you fly, please be economical. Toronto Pearson airport (YYZ) is the largest airport nearby. Billy Bishop airport (YTZ) is closer and more convenient to downtown, but is focused on regional flights.

Upon arrival at Pearson, there are a number of options for the trip downtown. Taxi fare is around CAD$50-60 plus tip; credit cards are accepted by most drivers. The Union Pearson Express UPX train costs significantly less, and is efficient and quick. Once at Union Station, local public transit the TTC will take you to campus. The station nearest the Physics building and your likely hotel is St. George. For those coming into Billy Bishop airport, take the free airport shuttle bus to Union Station. Here is a map and directions for getting to McLennan Physics building.

If you fly from the U.S., you will clear Canadian customs and immigration at YYZ or YTZ on the way in, and when flying out of YYZ you will also pre-clear U.S. customs and immigration on the way out. (For YTZ you'll do US formalities when you land.) Don't forget your passport, and make sure that you either have a valid Canadian visa or don't need one.