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Have questions? Please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator, Hala Larizza-Ali:


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Supervised Study and Independent Research Courses in Physics

"Physics Career Accelerator Program" Program

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Undergraduate Chair's Message
Welcome to the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto. You have come to a great place for physics education, whether you are here to specialize in physics or to sample our course offerings. We believe that undergraduate studies in our department develops unique ways of understanding our world while opening doors to exciting and cutting edge careers in research, education, technology and industry.
Prospective Students
Undergraduate Courses
Courses currently offered in the Undergraduate Program
Current courses offered by the Undergraduate Office. Full listing with search/filter options.
Health and Wellness
Physics Drop In Centre Schedule
The Physics Drop In Help Centre is CURRENTLY CLOSED.
Physics Career Accelerator Program
The Physics Career Accelerator Program or physCAP offers a variety of programs to help you transition from student to the world of work, graduate studies, and a professional career.
FAQ on Physics Courses and Programs
We get similar types of questions about studying Physics at the University of Toronto. Check out our FAQ to see if someone has asked a similar question to the one you have. Even if they don't exactly match a specific question of yours, maybe you'll be able to find something useful here. Feel free to follow up with a question to us at And let us know what other information we can include in this FAQ.
Van Kranendonk Award Nomination
The Van Kranendonk Award is given every year to four graduate students who have done the best job as Teaching Assistants during the current year. It depends on nominations from undergraduate students like you.
Intro to NSERC Summer Student Program in Physics at Toronto
The Department of Physics of the University of Toronto will be participating in the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) Program for the summer of 2024.
SURF - Natalia Krasnopolskaia Memorial Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
The Natalia Krasnopolskaia Memorial Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) provides entry-level summer research experience for students who have completed or are currently taking Physics courses at the University of Toronto. Projects will involve undergraduate lab development and / or research with faculty in the Department of Physics.
Research, Employment and Summer Opportunities
Links to information for undergraduates looking for opportunities for research, employment and volunteering. Here you may also find out about scholarship offerings.
Program Guidance for the Physics Specialist Program
Tips on how to plan for your Physics Specialist Program of Study.
Undergraduate Events
3rd and 4th Year Supervised Courses in Physics (PHY37x/PHY47x)
Information about undergraduate supervised research or study for course credit.
Independent Study and Research Courses
Physics Student Union (PhySU)
Welcome to the the departmental website for the Physics Student Union (PhySU)!
Physics Directed Reading Program