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Physics Mentorship Program

3rd and 4th year students are encouraged to join this valuable program as the advice and help of a mentor can be of great benefit as Physics students prepare to make their way into the working world or move into graduate work. Open to students in Physics Majors, Specialist and Joint Specialist programs at the University of Toronto St. George Campus.

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Applications for the 2017-2018 Mentorship Program Are Now Open!

 Past Participants in the Mentorship Program have said...

  • Allowed one to get a better grasp of the direction one wants to pursue.  Helped build one's network.
  • Meeting and getting to know my mentor. I really felt a personal and mental connection and learned a considerable amount of what I can expect going forward in my physics career. He was motivational and approachable and a great match!
  • Being able to talk one-on-one with a physics alumnus, and seeing what they were able to do with their degree.
  • Being able to get general advice and questions answered from someone in the field.
  • It gave a very nice opportunity for me to interact with professors and graduate students and I would have never interacted with them if I did not participate in this program.
  • My mentor was extraordinarily kind and helpful, and the program is under very good management.

Mentorship Handbooks

Student Handbook

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Past Photos from the Mentorship Program

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