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The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Professional Physicist (P.Phys.) Certification Preparation Program

Next event Fall 2020

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The purpose of this program is to introduce students to the Canadian Association of Physicists Professional Physicist certification (P.Phys.) program. While not mandatory for working physicists, the Canadian Association of Physicists offer the designation of P.Phys. (Professional Physicist) to their members. This serves to identify people with training in physics who are working  in areas that are not obviously associated with physics, but which nevertheless rely on the unique skills that one develops as part of doing a physics degree.

The certification is available to all CAP members in good standing who have at least three years of experience working in a job which they feel employs the skills they learned in their training as physicists, and who have written the associated Professional Practice Exam, which targets basic physics knowledge, scientific ethics and the application of problem solving skills to practical matters (rather than  to topics in physics).

Open to  3rd and 4th year students in Physics Majors, Specialist and Joint Specialist programs and Graduate Students

Information from the CAP foundation can be found at:


M.K O'Neill presenting

M.K. O'Neill (Former Director of Professional Affairs, CAP) speaking to
students about P.Phys. Certification