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2020 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Winners of the 2020 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)

Student's Name:  Rosalie Cormier

Supervisor:  Professor Dylan Jones

Project Title: Analysis of COVID-19-related reductions in TROPOMI NO2 observations


Student's Name:  Arya Kimiaghalam

Supervisor:  Professor Dwayne Miller

Project Title: Theoretical Study of in-liquid Diffusive and Correlated motions of gold nano-particles under nano-confinement

Student's Name:  Jiahao Liao

Supervisor:  Professor Miriam Diamond

Project Title: MATHUSLA Tracker Simulation for Long-lived Particle Search


Student's Name:  Utkarsh Mali

Supervisor:  Professor Chris Lee

Project Title: Analysis of topographic features on Mars using machine learning

Student's Name:  Megha Manoj

Supervisor:  Professor Debra Wunch

Project Title: Analysis and Comparison of the Wind data associated with the methane emissions recorded in the GTA


Student's Name:  Yukai Zhang

Supervisor:  Professor Chris Lee

Project Title: Building heat transfer model for Pluto's atmosphere using K-distributive method

Undergraduate Program  SURF