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2021 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Winners of the 2021 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)


Student's Name: Gabriel Beiner

Supervisor:  Professor Dwayne Miller

Project Title: Development of femtosecond laser assisted crystal growth of nanoscale materials


Student's Name: Amber King

Supervisor:  Professor Barth Netterfield

Project Title: Characterizing the science camera of the SuperBIT telescope


Student's Name: Maya Rehem

Supervisor:  Professor Ue-Li Pen and Dr. Hsiu-Hsien Lin

Project Title: Data analysis on fast radio bursts


Student's Name: Guanyu Song

Supervisor:  Professor Dwayne Miller

Project Title: Development of crystal picking tools for serial electron diffraction in a transmission electron microscope

Student's Name: Lewin Tao

Supervisor:  Professor Robert Orr

Project Title: Understanding and developing a computer model of the response of silicon microstrip detectors to irradiation

Student's Name: Jessie Wu

Supervisor:  Professor Ziqing Hong

Project Title: Characterization of SuperCDMS detectors

Undergraduate Program  SURF