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Foundations of Physics I

Official description

The first physics course in many of the Specialist and Major Programs in Physical Sciences.  It provides an introduction to the concepts, approaches and tools the physicist uses to describe the physical world while laying the foundation for classical and modern mechanics.  Topics include:  mathematics of physics, energy, momentum, conservation laws, kinematics, dynamics and gravity.

MCV4U Calculus and Vectors/MCB4U Functions and Calculus; SPH4U Physics
Recommended preparation
                            Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 5th edition, with Mastering Physics, by Randall Knight
Breadth requirement
Distribution requirement

Additional information

This course also includes a lab component.

Term test dates for 2021:

Term Test 1: Monday, October 18, 7 pm -9 pm. Makeup TBA

Term Test 2: Monday, November 29, 7 pm – 9 pm. Makeup TBA

eText plus mastering physics:
Knight 5e – Physics Scientists and Engineers 5e eBook plus Mastering Physics


Mastering Physics only:
Mastering Physics – no e-Text

course title
year of study
1st year
time and location
36L: LEC0101: MWF1, Room: ES1050 30P: T9-12/T1-4/W9-12/W2-5/W6-9/R9-12/R12-3/ F9-12, Room: MP127 Students may add or change a Practical (P) section via ACORN until September 12, 2022. Starting September 13, 2022, adding or changing of Practical sections must be requested online at:
practical coordinator
Harlow, Jason
Jason Harlow
Wilson, Brian
Brian Wilson

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