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Set up MacOS X for PCS printing

A HOWTO document for setting up your MacOS X client to be able to print to the PCS supported printers.

These screenshots were taken from MacOS Ventura - 13.3 - installation

  • ps1 model: Kyocera FS-4000DN
  • ps-color1 model: Kyocera FS-C5025N
  • ps4 model: Kyocera KM-3050

Step 2: setup printer

From the dock choose "System Settings" > "Printers & Scanners". Alternatively you can open "System Settings and search for "Printers & Scanners".

From the bottom right corner choose: "Add Printer, Scanner or Fax..."

Press the "+" sign.

In the next window, from the upper menu choose IPP and then fill out he following info:

Macos Ventura PS1 setup

Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol - IPP
/printers/ps1 or
Name: ps1 or ps-color1 or ps4 
Location: MP1003 (optional)
Use: Other ...

Choose "Generic PostScript Printer"  from the "Use" drop down (see above screenshot this page).

Press "Add".

Step 3: Test your printer setup

Double click the "ps1" printer (or whatever name your newly installed printer has)

MacOS Ventura Printer detail

Choose "Printer Queue".

From the menu of the upcoming window choose "Printer":


Choose "Print Test Page":



Browse to and check to see your job.

If your job shows up in the "Completed jobs" list, you're done.

You can go and pick up your print out.