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Set Up MS Windows for PCS Printing

This is an example of how to set up the ps1 printer. For ps-color1 and ps4, just replace the occurrence of "ps1" with "ps2/3/4".

Download Kyocera-Mita driver from the Kyocera website. From the "Download Center" choose the right driver - FS-4000DN or FS-C5025N - and the right operating system and download them to your computer.

Double-click on the file to execute it. Follow the installation wizard, accept the default setting.

The screenshots below have been taken from a Windows 10 installation, but they should work for Windows 7 as well.

Go to Printers in your OS and choose "add new printer" and click on the link "The printer I want is not listed here".

In the next window choose "Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings" and click "next"


Choose "Create new port", "Standard TCP/IP Port" and click "next".


Choose the following:

Hostname or IP address:
Port Name: ps1 or ps4 or ps-color1

Click "next".


Choose "Custom" and click "Settings". A new window will open.


Choose the following:

Port Name: ps1 or ps4 or ps-color1
Printer Name or Ip Address:
Protocol: lpr
Lpr settings:
Queue Name: ps1 or ps4 or ps-color1
LPR Byte Counting Enabled: yes

Click OK.

Current window will close. Click "Next" in screen previously opened.


Choose the appropriate printer driver for your queue: 

Under Manufacturers select "Kyocera".
Under Printers select
  Kyocera FS-4000DN (KPDL-3) for ps1
  Kyocera FS-C5025N (KPDL-3) for ps-color1
Kyocera KM-3050 (KX) for ps4 

Click "next".


Add a printer name.

Click next. 


Printer Sharing

Choose "Do not share this printer"

Click "Next"


In the last window, you have the option to set this as a default printer. 

Click "Finish".