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physCAP Career Events 2020.2021

The physCAP Career Events are designed to give 3rd and 4th year students a sense of what opportunities exist for students with the analytical and quantitative skills that are developed during an undergraduate physics degree program.

Open to students in Physics Majors, Specialist and Joint Specialist programs.

Fall 2020!

physCAP Professional and Graduate School Event

Hear from a panel of physics grads who pursued professional or graduate degrees after their BSc.

View Fall 2019 Speaker Bios Here

To be notified when registration opens in Fall 2020, contact:

Career Fair 01

Winter 2021!

physCAP Career Event

What can YOU do with YOUR University of Toronto B.Sc. in Physics?

Hear from a panel of physics graduates who used their physics degrees in ways you may never have thought of!

View Winter 2020 Speaker Bios Here

To be notified when registration opens in Winter 2021, contact:

Photos of Speakers from the years 2016-2020

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Career Fair 02
Career Fair 03
Career Fair 04

When asked what they learned/gained from the career event, participants said....

  • Gained more confidence about their degree
  • Learned how to start a job in finance field, how physics can be applied, what kind/level of job to look for
  • Learned about possible career paths in physics and how to apply for them
  • Learned that an education in physics gives you many skills and attributes that are coveted by people in many fields
  • Learned how diverse a career a physicist can have and how unbounded the options are