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2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Winners of the 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)


Student's Name: Mitchell Barrett

Supervisor:  Professor Diana Valencia Cruz

Project Title: Modelling the Evolution of 55 Cancri e

Student's Name:  Rica Cristina Cruz

Supervisor:  Professor Debra Wunch

Project Title:  Analyzing Methane Emissions in the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area

Student's Name:  Kehui (Grace) Li

Supervisor:  Professor Natalia Krasnopolskaia

Project Title: Computer Simulation of Oscillating Systems and Localization Effects in 1-D Crystals


Student's Name:  Lillian Yiyan Luo

Supervisor:  Professor Robin Marjoribanks

Project Title: Development of LabVIEW Application for Spectra Collection


Student's Name:  Michael Poon

Supervisor:  Professor Nicolas Grisouard

Project Title: Neural Net Applications in Ocean Physics


Student's Name:  Anthony Roitman

Supervisor:  Professor Amar Vutha

Project Title: Analysis of Isotope Shifts in Cold Neodymium Plasma


Student's Name:  Jingwen Zhu

Supervisor:  Professor John Wei

Project Title: Hole-Doping Infinite-Layer CaCuO2 Thin Films with Interstitial Oxygen

Undergraduate Program  SURF