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Undergraduate Research Fair 2018

Annual poster session showcasing physics research done by University of Toronto undergraduates.

Thursday, September 27, 2018, 2:30-4:00pm in MP125 - Undergraduate Lounge

Results of undergraduate student research projects in Physics from the summer of 2018, and the 2017/18 academic year.  Posters were judged, small prizes were awarded at 3:45pm

Full list of presentations:

Poster Number
Student Presenter Supervisor Project Title
Tutukhanim Balayeva
Dylan Jones
Characterizing the Variability and Sources of Moisture for Precipitation in the Sahel
2 Mark Buchanan
Kaley Walker
Developing Testing Methods for a Balloon-Borne Solar Tracker
3 Vanessa Clayton - Third Prize
John Wei
Superconductivity and the Search for a Higher Critical Temperature
4 Sanjit Dasgupta
Sidhartha Goyal
Building Cell Lineages from sc-RNA Transcriptomes
5 Alan He
Stephen Morris
Analysis of the Effects of Parameter Modulation on the Phase Shift and Frequency of a Viscous Liquid
6 Emily Knuckey
Debra Wunch
Mobile In Situ Measurements Throughout the Greater Toronto Area
7 Ryan Ripsman
Luyi Yang
Probing the Symmetry of SrRuO 3 Using Second Harmonic Generation
Qing Hao Xu
Christopher Lee
Reviewing the Existing Research Literature on Martian Tides
9 Georgia Thomas - Second Prize
Robin Marjoribanks
Impact of Ultra-High Contrast Optical and XFEL Laser Pulses on Ni Nanowire Targets, for High-Energy-Density Atomic Physics Studies
10 Aleksandra Elias Chereque Robin Marjoribanks Plasma Dynamics in Burst-mode Ultrafast Laser Materials Processing
11 Matthew Gerry
Amar Vutha
Thermal Shielding of an Ultra-low Expansion Optical Reference Cavity for Laser Frequency Stabilization
12 Emaad Paracha Diana Valencia
Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Model Planetary Collisions and Predict the Masses of the Largest Remnants
13 Reynolds Dziobek-Garrett Mark Wilson, Chemistry
Quantum Dot Layer Thickness in Upconversion Devices
14 Andrew Hardy
Brookhaven National Lab
Single Photon Detection For Bell State Coincidence Measurements
15 Luca Talamo and Mohit Verma
Amar Vutha
Spectroscopy of a Solid-State Optical Clock Transition
16 Sahibjeet Singh Sidhartha Goyal Novel Mathematical Model for Phage-Bacyeria Interactions
17 Helena Koniar - First Prize Robin Marjoribanks Cavitation Bubble Dynamics in Water during Burst-Mode Ultrafast-Pulse Laser Ablation

UG research fair 2018 poster layout