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Undergraduate Research Fair 2019

Annual poster session showcasing physics research done by University of Toronto undergraduates.

Thursday, September 26, 2019, 2:30-4:00pm in MP125 - Undergraduate Lounge

Results of undergraduate student research projects in Physics from the summer of 2019, and the 2018/19 academic year.  Posters will be judged, small prizes will be awarded at 3:45pm.  At that time some Undergraduate scholarships from the previous year will also be awarded.

Photos from the 2019 UG Research Fair


Full list of presentations

Poster Number
Student Presenter Supervisor Project Title
Mitchell Barrett Prof. Diana Valencia Modelling the Evolution of 55 Cancri e
2 Winner 1st Prize: Rica Cruz Prof. Debra Wunch Analysis of Methane Emissions in Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area
3 Grace Li Prof. Natalia Krasnopolskaia Computer Simulation of Oscillating Systems and Localization Effect in 1-D Crystals
4 Lillian Luo Prof. Robin Marjoribanks Development of LabVIEW Application for Spectra Collection
5 Michael Poon Prof. Nicolas Grisouard Neural Net Applications in Ocean Physics
6 Anthony Roitman Prof. Amar Vutha Analysis of Isotope Shifts in Cold Neodymium Plasma
7 Jingwen Zhu Prof. John Wei Study of Hole-Doped Infinite-Layer Cuprates by Superoxygenation
Michael Morris Prof. Paul Kushner Impact of Arctic Amplification Perturbations on Atmospheric Circulation
9 Andrew Hardy Prof Christopher Wilson, ICQ Waterloo Progress Towards Realizing a Single-Photon Transistor and Understanding Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Superconducting Artificial Atoms
10 Samuel Wong Prof. Erich Poppitz Confinement and Domain Wall
11 Alice Wang Prof. Kimberly Strong An Analysis of Satellite and Ground-Based Measurements of Atmospheric Composition in the Canadian High Arctic
12 Winner 2nd Prize: Chloe Cheng Adam Garnsworthy, TRIUMF Probing shape coexistence in 192Hg through combined electron and gamma-ray spectroscopy
13 Sepehr Vali Prof. Oleksandr Voznyy, Chemistry UTSc Deep Learning based Forcefields for High Throughput Material Synthesis
14 Ryan Ripsman Prof. Sidhartha Goyal Examining the Differentiation of Cardiac Progenitors Using Unsupervised Machine Learning
15 Rowan Duim Prof. Frank Stienkemeier, U.Freiburg, Germany Enhancement of above-threshold ionization in excited helium droplets
16 Winner 3rd Prize: Anna Hwang Prof. Robin Marjoribanks Synthesizing a Sampling Scope Trace of a Pulse from an Asynchronous,Digital Scope Trace of a Repetitive Waveform to Generate a Fitting Function for a Laser Pulse
17 Joanna Hon and Jack Farrell Prof. Kaley Walker Developing Components for a Balloon-Borne Laser Absorption Spectrometer
18 David Nie Prof. John Wei Synthesis of high Tc phase cuprate superconductor Bi2Ca2Sr2Cu3O10+x: Oxygen control during heat treatments

UG research fair 2019 poster layout