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University of Toronto

PhD Graduates

Congratulations to our June 2022 graduates!

Ciungu, Bianca Monica - Studies of the Higgs boson Properties in √s = 13 TeV pp Collisions. (Supervisor P. Sinervo)
Daoud, Hazem - Theoretical and Experimental Advances in Studying the Ultrafast Dynamics of Atoms and Molecules. (Supervisor D. Miller)
Inglis-Whalen, Matthew - Power Corrections and Rapidity Logarithms in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory. (Supervisor M. Luke)
Jeffery, Paul Sydney - Water Vapour and Ozone: Measuring Key Trace Gases in Challenging Regions. (Supervisor K. Walker)
Pen, Ue-Yu - An Automated Tabletop Continuous Culturing System with Multicolour Fluorescence Monitoring for Microbial Community Eco-evolutionary Experiments. (Supervisor S. Goyal)
Wilson, Matthew James - A New Search for Low-Mass Dark Matter and an Examination and Reduction of the Uncertainty due to the Photoelectric Absorption Cross Section using a Cryogenic Silicon Detector with Single-Charge Sensitivity. (Supervisor M. Diamond)
Yang, Bernard - Physical Processes in Ice-covered Lakes. (Supervisor M. Wells)
Zhong, Xiaoqing - Experimental Quantum Communication based on Sagnac Interferometers. (Superviors H.K. Lo & L. Qian)