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Setting Up the EAPP Group Printers

This installation description shows the client set up procedure for the EAPP (formerly Atmospheric group) shared printers in the lounge on the 6th floor.

LP6 and LPCLR2 Color/Black Printers

Please note that printers LP6 and LPCLR2 are both capable of color printing.

Printers lp6  and LPCLR2 are group printers for the Atmospheric Physics group. In order to avoid printing problems which occurred in the past, you can not print directly to either device, instead you need to set up your client machine to print to the print server of the Atmospheric Physics Group at:


Access to these printers is provided only from wired network connections on the atmospheric physics network. If you use the UofT wireless service, the printers will not be accessible.

In order to see your print jobs on the server and eventually cancel them, please visit:

Below you will find set up instructions and driver downloads for your specific platform.

Printer Name: lp6
Printer model: RICOH Aficio SP430DN
Printer URL:
Location: MP622

Printer Name: lpCLR2
Printer model: RICOH Aficio SP430DN
Printer URL:
Location: MP622


Printer installation instructions:


  1. Color printer does not work with the standard Ricoh ppd file (linux/mac users)
    Try to replace the Ricoh driver (Ricoh-Aficio_SP_C430DN-Postscript-Ricoh.ppd)  with the generic PCL5c driver.
  2. Print server cannot be contacted (linux/mac users)
    the path to the print server depends on the type of operating system you are using. Some automatically detect the port on which the print server communicates and some don't. The paths to the print-server are:
    • For lp6:
    • For lpclr2:
Content in Setting Up the EAPP Group Printers
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