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Biological Physics Recommended Courses for Graduate Studies

Biological Physics courses

  • PHY 2707H Cellular and Molecular Biophysics I
  • PHY 2708H Cellular and Molecular Biophysics II
  • PHY 2709H Quantitative Biology of Systems, Organisms and Populations
  • PHY 2710H Computational Methods in Biophysics
  • PHY 2711S Biophysical Techniques

Relevant Physics courses

Physical Chemistry courses

  • CHM1486H Modern Molecular Spectroscopy
  • CHM1450H Nanoscale Characterization with Scan Probe Microscopy
  • CHM1482H Laser Spectroscopy and Photophysics

Biochemistry courses

  • JBB2026H Protein Structure, Folding and Design

Miscellaneous courses

  • BME1460H Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy: Theory and Application to Live Cell Imaging
  • ECE1475H Biophotonics