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2008 Noble Lectures - "The Global Atmosphere in Motion"

The 2014 Noble Lectures will be given by Dr. J. Michael Wallace Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington
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These lectures will be accessible to a broad audience of people interested in the topic. They will present the underlying physics issues that have had to be addressed in order to successfully make quantitative measurements of atmospheric composition, particularly when absorption and emission signatures are very small components of the spectra. A highlight will be the Special Physics Colloquium dealing with the Ultraviolet and visible measurements of the Earth's atmosphere: Toward continuous pollution monitoring from space.

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Dynamics of Low Frequency Atmospheric Variability: Order Amidst Chaos

Special Colloquium:

Dr. J. Michael Wallace
April, 24, 2008, 4:00 pm

Reception to follow in MP110


Monday April 21
Overview lecture of material covered in subsequent 4 lectures

Tuesday April 22
Atmospheric motions in mid-latitudes

Wednesday April 23
Atmospheric motions in the tropics

Friday April 25
Atmospheric motions at high latitudes and their impact on sea ice